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About DCCV

Welcome to the Conejo Dem Club

Thank You for your interest in the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley. Organized in the mid 70’s and meeting since the 80’s, we serve the Conejo Valley cities of Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Westlake Village, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, and surrounding communities. By participating in one of “The Conejo Dem Club’s” many gatherings, events, and meetings, or following us on social media, you are helping us to achieve our mission to “Engage, Energize, Empower” every Democrat in and around the Conejo Valley.

When you attend one of our monthly meetings, you will learn about current local, state, and national issues, as well as upcoming local events. This is also the place to find out where you can put your ideas into action. Worried about the eroding freedoms in our public schools? Interested in the Green New Deal? Troubled by a national government that values corporations over its own individual citizens? Weary of wars that didn’t have to happen? So are we.

There’s no magic wand and no easy path, but we are doing the work required to elect people who represent our values to office in the Conejo Valley, and send representatives to Sacramento and Washington, D.C., who will be our voice and change the direction of this country.

Come to one of our meetings on the second Monday of the month, or send me an email, and we'll help you move from concerned citizen, to an active participant in the political process. Join us now! Bring a friend to the movement! Help make the Conejo Valley, Ventura County, and the United States a better place for everyone. Go DEMS GO!

Henry Montalvo

President | Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley

Mission Statement

The mission of the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley is to motivate voters in the Conejo Valley to support and elect Democratic candidates for local, county, state, and national offices.

Leadership Team


Henry Montalvo

Vice President

Ashley Orozco

Vice President

Janie Ahlberg

Lori Peters

Jim Moynihan

Standing Committee Chairs

  • Young DEMs  - Ashley Orozco

  • East Conejo DEMs - Murtaza Mogri

  • Membership - Brian & Andy Pletcher

  • Resolutions / Legislative - Ashley Orozco

  • Member Engagement - Janie Ahlberg


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Racism in the
Conejo Valley

"Therefore, be it resolved that the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley denounces any racist and discriminatory actions that bring fear to community members, and will work to address the actions, systems and institutional structures that have facilitated inequities that exist today"



Oppose the Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom and  Ventura County Supervisor Linda Parks

"WHEREAS, recall attempts such as these are part of a political strategy that voids the will of the voters by attempting to gain local and statewide governmental offices for politicians who are unable to win in the regular election cycle"


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Community Based Adult Services

"The Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley supports Community Based Adult Services and calls on state lawmakers and Governor Gavin Newsom to fully fund these services in the May budget revision and in future budgets."


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Crossing Guard 


"Be it further resolved that the Democratic Club of the Conejo Valley urges local leaders to create more opportunities for enhancing walkability and bikeability in our city, including the continued support of the crossing guard program at our community’s schools."



We Need Your Support Today!

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