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Sunday, July 28th  8:30 am

Charmlee Wilderness Park

We’re heading to the coast for this mid-summer’s hike, drawn by cooler temps and spectacular ocean views. The Overlook Trail in Charmlee Wilderness Park is an easy 2.5-mile stroll that will appeal to anyone wanting nice views without much effort. Operated by the City of Malibu, the gates open at 8 am on Sunday and the two large parking lots quickly fill up. So we are meeting at 8:30 am, a tad earlier than usual. It’s a twisty canyon drive to get to the trailhead so buddy up in the comments below to cut down on the number of vehicles. Trailhead has nice bathroom facilities and several picnic tables. Eat a sack lunch afterwards! Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and hats.

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