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 Election Day Nov 2024 Countdown 



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Join us for Conversation & Cocktails on Saturday, April 20th from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. Real conversation, cocktails, and community building in the heart of Conejo Valley. Connect with local elected officials, leaders, and influencers as we exchange ideas and forge coalitions to support Democratic candidates in the upcoming November 2024 election.

Join us to make the changes we need.

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DCCV needs your help to make the CLUB, the Conejo Valley, and the country a better place. Come join your fellow Democrats as we work together, making friends and doing good. You'll feel better and we'll feel better. 

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Become a sustaining member of DCCV.

Your support funds projects like Direct Candidate Donations, Canvassing, Phone Banking, Election Headquarters, and Printing/Postage.

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